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March 16, 2023 by ash

Why invest in Moreton Bay property?

Aerial drone view of Settlement Cove Lagoon, Redcliffe, Australi

Property in Moreton Bay

With consistent and strong demand for real estate to own or rent, Moreton Bay is quickly becoming a market leader, making its property highly sought after. It is one of the top ten cities in the nation for buyer demand.

Terry Ryder has been pushing Moreton Straight District as one of his Main 10 Best Purchases for some time now on the rear of sound and development framework on the ground and coming to the locale, intensified by a further expansion popular and a low stockpile.

It marks many boxes for financial backers who are searching for reasonable areas and solid sound rental yields which likewise offer solid capital development possible on the rear of key development factors.


Moreton Bay Region is a location with a sound and growing economy and strong employment generation further attracting population growth.

Infrastructure, both existing and future are planned and budgeted for as well as existing amenities and facilities that also include planned transport links, retail services, schools and recreational amenities. All contributing to an enviable and affordable lifestyle for Moreton Bay Region citizens.

Investment into infrastructure such as the extension to the Petrie University and extended rail links to the Redcliffe Peninsula plus sound impetus coming from the Moreton Bay Region Regional Economic Development Strategy 2020-2041 forecasting and planning for the Region to have a $40 Billion Economy by then, creating 100,000 new jobs. An incredible initiative attracting and stimulating continued population growth.

Both Government and Private Enterprise will expand on education, tourism, medical facilities, recreational amenities, sporting facilities, schools, parks, roads, public transport and more to enhance residential communities.

Job Creation

We are aware that governments always seek a return on their infrastructure investments, which in turn results in the creation of new jobs. Additionally, we are aware that industry enters, invests, and creates new jobs. In terms of lifestyle and employment opportunities, population growth comes next. As a result, the demand for residential property ownership or rental continues to rise. Capital growth and higher rental yields are the end results of high demand and low supply. A strategy that fulfills the desires of investors. The Moreton Bay Region’s stars are all aligned, so investors looking for capital growth potential, healthy rental yields, and low vacancy rates are drawn here.

Strong Population Growth

The Moreton Bay Region is a standout council of ambitious and proactive people who want to make the region better. It is a growth precinct with a plan to continue evolving and improving the region, attracting significant investment, creating new jobs, and encouraging families to move there for work and lifestyle reasons. All with a deliberate plan.

The Moreton Bay Region has the potential to lead the growth trend that has become South East Queensland.

Supply and demand

Due to an increase in the number of people interested in making SEQ their home, land is scarce and in high demand, just like it is in the majority of SEQ’s regions. The longer build times exacerbate the low supply of new homes for sale or for rent. Rents have gone up above inflation as a result of historically low vacancy rates. Investors seeking healthy capital growth potential and strong rental yields supported by low vacancy rates and a low supply of new homes are drawn to this vast array of complexities.