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November 2, 2022 by ash

Dual Occupancy or Dual key Homes

What is a home with two owners and two keys?

A dual-key property is essentially one main house divided into two separate dwellings; however, unlike a duplex, a dual-key property typically consists of a house on one side and a unit on the other.

It could be compared to a modern-day granny flat.

Double pay properties have turned into a famous speculation technique lately.Many people have been driven out of the housing market by rising property values, which has led to an increase in the demand for alternative living arrangements.

For investors, dual income properties are a novel way to meet such market demands.
When the owner of a property has separate rental agreements, the property is considered dual-income.
Similar to duplexes, dual-occupancy properties have two dwellings on the same plot of land but do not necessarily need to be adjacent.Commonly referred to as shared living properties, dual-occupancy properties have a single title.Since there are no body corporate fees to consider, there is only one set of rates.

Why Dual Key Homes Are Popular Investments

Dual occupancy homes are currently regarded as the Best Investment Opportunity.

They make it possible to enjoy a variety of advantages and offer the ideal strategy for accelerating your investment’s return.

Having a dual-occupancy home makes it simple to rent because it provides more privacy than an apartment does. This is one of the biggest advantages of owning one. It is similar to combining two properties into one. This indicates that you will be able to locate a large number of people who are willing to rent this property, which will enable you to begin earning a return on your investment right away. A dual occupancy home is easy to rent out because it offers privacy.

Better yields
It is likewise critical to consider how much return that you can get on your speculation.You can collect rent from two separate dwelling areas in a dual occupancy home.By owning a dual-occupancy home, you can potentially earn nearly twice as much and get a higher return on your investment.Because you will essentially be recouping rent from two distinct properties, you will be able to repay the loan you have on the purchase more quickly.

A great option for those just starting out in the real estate market is a home with two bedrooms and one bathroom.The risk is not very high.You will always have the value in the home’s value, and the rent you get will give you a return.A lot of people who buy dual occupancy homes decide to live on one side and rent out the other.You can have your mortgage payment paid for you with this.If you want to gain access to items of high value, this is an excellent choice.

Cons and Drawbacks of Dual Key Homes

Regulations and Rules

You must be familiar with council laws and how to get approval.It is essential to comprehend that not all councils permit the construction of dual-income properties.

Build Cost
Because you are essentially building two homes, the initial cost of building a property with two incomes may also be higher.For instance, building a Dual Key will be more expensive than building a single unit. Dual income investments, on the other hand, typically compensate for this outlay because they can generate two revenue streams.

How to Invest in a Dual Key or Dual Occupancy House

If you want to try your hand at real estate investing, you should start by buying a house with two people living in it.
Each individual who buys a home or invests in real estate is unique and has a distinct objective when purchasing a property.


A duplex is two houses with separate titles built on the same block of land. It has a financial advantage over owning two houses and two blocks of land because it costs less to rent them out.
One residence that has been constructed to accommodate two families is known as a Dual Key property.The advantage over a duplex is that it does not require special council approval, making it less expensive for a rental return that is comparable to that of a duplex.
A Duplex can be sold on one side if it has separate titles, which require money to get approved, but a Dual Key cannot.